Putter Kit Silver 1.2


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This is instant puttering.

Over a thousand unique putters to be made within minutes - at a cost that is less than the average price of a single new putter.  If that isn't cool, what is.

If you are buying a gift for a golfer, and you know nothing about golf, then this is the gift that will make you a hero.  No golfer in the world will fail to find a putter they like within this treasure chest - and they will have an absolute blast doing it.

The only decisions you need to make are price and colors.  Either black or silver is a good choice, and all of the grip colors are handsome.  The difference between 1.1 and 1.2 is entirely cosmetic... and price, of course.  (Milling is expensive.)

This kit Includes:

Newton 1.2 Silver - milled face and milled body. 

Da Vinci 1.2 Silver - milled face and milled body. 

Einstein 1.2 Silver - milled face and milled body. 

Deanna Silver installed on Mod shaft.

Chloe Silver installed on Mod shaft.

Sophie Silver installed on Mod shaft.

Pistol small installed on handle.

Pistol medium installed on handle.

Pistol large installed on handle.

Weight kit with two hex wrenches, an extra skirt, silicone grease and 5 ballasts.

Headcovers - two mallet and one blade.

One rubber mallet - in case you need to pound the heads on and off.  (Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't.)


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