Information about some of the products found here at White Golf.

All of the videos on this website and a few stray ones can be found at our YouTube Channel.

Using a Mod Putter

This is a brief video that demonstrates some of the simple mechanisms that allow you to modify your Mod putter.

Mounting a Putter head on a mod shaft

These are just a few of the tips and tricks. It's not like a regular shaft. The shaft must be aligned with the head so that the grips will be square.

Plato's Balls

Here is some information about Plato's Balls, a part of EBIS, or Extreme Ball Inking System.

The first video provides information about the five perfect solids.

This video demonstrates how to assemble the jig.

A video demonstrating where to find all five perfect solids within the jigs.

A video giving an example of decorating one sleeve of balls.


This video demonstrates how you can use a simple block print for mailing tubes and boxes.