Love Your Putter

It is the most important club in your bag and you should love it.

Mod Putters

1. They are Modern.

2. They are Modular.

3. They can be Modified.

Here's a brief animation showing how they work.

Make Your Own Putter

I'll help you do it.

It's Easy

Pick a head.

Pick a neck.

Pick a grip.

And you are putting.

Make a metric Butt Tonne of putters

Get a kit.

You can make a thousand different putters.

Make them, try them, and remake them.

It's easy.

I'll help you do it.

Now Learn to Putter

To Putter verb: 1. Learn about, tinker with, and love the instruments of putting. There is an art to it.

Love your art.

Love your putter.

First Time?

You aren't married to these critical decisions forever.

No buyer's remorse because you can make this putter into whatever you want.

You evolve, and it evolves with you.

The bottom line: It's not really just one putter; it's every possible putter.

A great gift

It's hard to buy a club for a golfer, especially if you are not a golfer.

The golfer who gets this can make it match his preferences.

Perfect fit - Perfect feel... every time.

You will be a hero for finding this treasure for him.

Why buy the same expensive parts twice?

Now you don't have to. Just swap them around between your putters, or your friends' putters too.

Instead of collecting putters, collect putter parts... and interchange them.

Now we are puttering.

It is complex, but not complicated.

A handful of variations on a handful of parameters quickly creates a million different putters.

Head, neck, shaft, balance, grip - Do the math.

This is just a start.

There's nothing like tinkering... especially when it comes to putters.

Why are these prices so low?

Because we put all of the money into the putter.

To wit:

Silly low overhead.

Factory direct online sales, no middleman, and no retailer.

Minimal marketing spending... only enough to keep busy.

Let's get started.

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