If you have a Mod shaft - and you should - then the handle is handy.  You can put this on your putter and you are ready to put any standard grip on your putter.  Easy as pie.  If you don't know how to put on a grip, then just take it to your pro, or retail golf store and have them put a grip on it for you.  Two minutes, tops.  You don't need to tell them there is anything different about this putter, and they won't even notice.  They will appreciate the fact that there is no grip to remove, and grip tape is already installed.

The big difference here is that you can now put the grip on and take it off, or switch it around between putters, or swap it with friends... as many times as you like.  Grips are no longer commitments akin to marriage.  Be polygriperous.

Length 12"

Diameter 0.60"

Weight 36 grams