Da Vinci


The Da Vinci is the most popular style simply because it is a hybrid between a blade and a mallet.

It is tres clean.  The outter profile is identical to a golf hole.  The inner slot is identical to a golf ball.  Simple.

 The 1.1 and 1.2 are identical when it comes to function.  They are literally the same damn putter.  They are both handsome, but the 1.2 is clearly sharper.  $30 is a lot for vanity... but it's your putter.

As far as color goes, if shadows bother you, get silver.  Early and late in the day there is an issue with a black putter head.  If you just want to be cool, shadows or not, get black.  It is tres cool.

Material:  304 Stainless Steel

Weight:  341 grams for 1.1, 347 grams for 1.2.  (don't forget to add the weight of the neck)

Loft:  3.5 degrees

Face:  Milled

Body:  Cast for 1.1, Milled for 1.2.

Finish:  PVD

Socket:  7mm x 9mm