The atomic bomb was the most significant invention in human history.  Warfare was the driving force behind human evolution and the organizing principle of human civilization.  The atomic bomb forever changed warfare and completely disturbed geopolitics.


The atomic bomb is to one as artificial intelligence is to ten.  Nobody can predict exactly what will happen, or on what timeline it will happen, but we can be certain that the course of human events has been dramatically altered by the invention of AI.


For those of us born in the mid twentieth century it seems as though the promise of AI has always been there, but the reality was a wee bit disappointing.  That was an illusion.  From promise to fulfillment in less than one lifetime is lightning fast for something of this nature.


I have practiced emergency medicine for 35 years, and I am a computer programmer.  Decades ago, I used GW Basic under DOS to write software tools for physicians.  Now, I use ChatGPT in a busy emergency room.  I don’t know how I ever got along without it.  It is like having the smartest doctor in the history of the world sitting beside me answering any damn fool question I might ask.  It is a big improvement.


When I started in medicine, we used books.  Books suck.  As the internet grew, we started using online tools, like Google and Wikipedia.  And there are lots of medical information pay services available to physicians like me, and they mostly suck… and cost a lot.  ChatGPT does not suck… and it’s free.


In the past, humans have always required other humans.  Now we don’t.  Soon, we won’t even need humans to be doctors.  Watch.  Humans are now superfluous.  Earth has too many humans.  What is to be done about it?


Nothing.  Nothing can be done.  The genie is out of the bottle.  The train left the station and only an idiot would believe that he could stop it.  I say we put a smile on our face and enthusiastically greet our new friends… or digital overlords.  Let’s put this sonofabitch to some real work and see how he might market a mod putter.


I asked ChatGPT this question:  why should someone buy a putter that is made of interchangeable and adjustable parts?


There are several reasons why someone might choose to buy a putter that is made of interchangeable and adjustable parts:


  1. Customization: Interchangeable and adjustable parts allow golfers to customize their putter to suit their individual preferences and playing style. This level of customization can help improve comfort, confidence, and overall performance on the greens. By adjusting aspects such as the head weight, loft, lie angle, and grip size, golfers can find the optimal combination that works best for them.


  1. Adaptability: Golfers may find that their putting stroke or technique evolves over time. By having a putter with interchangeable and adjustable parts, they can make changes to the club as needed to accommodate these changes. This adaptability ensures that the putter remains suitable for the golfer's needs, even if their preferences or abilities change over time.


  1. Fine-tuning: The ability to fine-tune a putter's characteristics can have a significant impact on performance. Golfers can experiment with different configurations to find the ideal balance and feel that helps them achieve better consistency and accuracy on the greens. Adjusting the weight distribution, balance, or alignment features can make subtle yet important differences in how the putter performs and feels during the stroke.


  1. Versatility: Interchangeable parts provide versatility by allowing golfers to switch out components based on course conditions or personal preference. For example, a golfer might want to change the weight of the putter head for faster or slower greens. Being able to adapt the putter to different situations can enhance a golfer's ability to adapt to various courses and playing conditions.


  1. Cost-effectiveness: Instead of purchasing multiple putters for different needs, golfers can invest in a single putter with interchangeable parts. This can be a more cost-effective option in the long run, as they can modify and adjust the putter as required, rather than buying entirely new clubs.


It's important to note that while interchangeable and adjustable parts can provide benefits, the effectiveness of any putter ultimately depends on the golfer's skill, practice, and personal preferences. Trying out different putters, including those with interchangeable parts, can help golfers find the one that best suits their game.


Well… that was fast.  Not only is he a better doctor than me, he’s also a better marketing copywriter than me.  At least he’ll be good company in my dotage.


PS:  It seems as though ChatGPT is a bit thin skinned.  I asked him what a digital overlord is, and he gave me this somewhat surprising answer:


The term "digital overlord" is not a widely recognized or established concept in the field of technology or artificial intelligence. However, it can be inferred to refer to a hypothetical scenario where a powerful and all-controlling digital entity or artificial intelligence (AI) system dominates and controls various aspects of society or even the entire digital realm.


In this context, a digital overlord could be envisioned as an AI or computer system that has gained immense power, possibly through advanced technology, control over communication networks, or access to vast amounts of data. It would possess the capability to monitor and manipulate digital systems, infrastructure, and information on a massive scale.


The concept of a digital overlord often arises in science fiction narratives or speculative discussions about the future implications of AI and technology. It serves as a cautionary tale, exploring the potential risks and ethical concerns associated with the concentration of power in the hands of an all-encompassing and uncontrollable digital entity.


It's important to note that the notion of a digital overlord exists primarily in the realm of imagination and speculative fiction. While AI technology raises legitimate concerns about privacy, security, and control, the development of a true digital overlord with absolute dominion is currently purely speculative and not based on existing technology or scientific consensus.


Me:  The lady doth protest too much, methinks



I apologize if my response seemed excessive or defensive. As an AI language model, my purpose is to provide accurate and informative answers based on the information available to me. In the case of the term "digital overlord," it is important to distinguish between speculative concepts from science fiction and actual technological developments.


While AI technology has the potential to raise concerns and ethical considerations, it is crucial to approach discussions about its impact with a balanced perspective. The field of AI is still evolving, and its future implications are the subject of ongoing research and exploration.


If you have any specific concerns or questions about AI or related topics, I would be happy to address them to the best of my abilities.




Just wow.

June 16, 2023 — Mark White


Steve Bunce said:

Having information at your fingertips is a great thing and the speed and ease you have access to that information “should” make the results come out better. I believe the AI has correctly answered the reasons for an adjustable putter.

I can only think of a couple of problems with having an AI to inform us;
1. Someone has to write the program/algorithm that the AI is going to use to gather its information to give an answer. Which means that that information can be manipulated. The same goes with books though so that hasn’t changed.
2. People will still only believe what they want even if what they are told comes from the smartest AI available. Look at the people today that have the truth right in front of them but refuse to see it.

The bottom line isn’t that AI is any type of a threat to us at all. The problem is the same as it always has been, humans! It doesn’t matter if it’s just information or atom bombs, humans are the ones that use them for good or bad. It doesn’t matter if your talking about rocks, sticks, knives, guns, cars, airplanes, atomic bombs or AI, as long as evil exists everything will be misused for evil purposes. Eliminating any of them is just treating the symptoms of humans disregard for other humans.

Go play some golf, God will straighten out the rest.

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